VR Quest Room: "Prince of Persia: Dagger of Time"

60 min.
Game description

This is a quest room in virtual reality, which takes place in the world of Prince of Persia, where you can do the impossible in real life: slow down, stop or even rewind time!

Kailina summons the players to the Fortress of Time, she is trapped by the dark forces, but with all her might, the mistress of time, restores the Dagger of Time and passes it to the players so they can get to the Hourglass Room and use it to stop the Dark Magi.

* this is a most difficult vr quest, so we advise you to pass it after ESCAPE FROM THE LOST PYRAMID and / or Beyond Medusa`s gate

(You can play VR quests or book VR games for a company of 1 to 4 people. An hour of play in VR is 250 UAH, but until 18:00 on weekdays there is a 20% discount, so an hour of play will cost 200 UAH)

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VR Quest Room: "Prince of Persia: Dagger of Time"

  • Lviv, 7b Stavova str
  • +38 (050) 611-29-43
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