VR quest room: "Beyond Medusa's gate"

60 min.
Game description

Beyond Medusa`s gate:

Greece 445 B.C. in an age of eloquent philosophers, merciless ds, and death-promising oracles. Somewhere on the Peloponnese peninsula, in a vast Aegean coastal cave, an old artefact has been hidden. It could be the legendary ship of the Arnauts…

(You can play VR quests or book VR games for a company of 1 to 4 people. An hour of play in VR is 250 UAH, but until 18:00 on weekdays there is a 20% discount, so an hour of play will cost 200 UAH)

Schedule and booking

VR quest room: "Beyond Medusa's gate"

  • Lviv, 7b Stavova str
  • +38 (050) 611-29-43
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