Madly labyrinth

60 min.
Game description
On the way to freedom there is a lot:
- Complete kilometers of ways, among tons of iron fittings.
- run, go through or even sprinkle in more than 10 different doors, gates and even black holes
- overcome the fear of height, panic, and also cope with the force of attraction.

But all this will be not the most terrible test ...

In the pitch darkness and chilling soul, you will feel that someone watches you and breathes in the back. Who are they? Alive or dead? We do not know. But we advise you hurry so as not to become part of someone's game or rather prey ...

Are you ready to experience the limit of all your mind and body capabilities?

Then we will give you to this bit, but do not count on, we will not go inside.
You can only rely on yourself and your team.

And remember, not everyone will come from the deadly labyrinth.
In any case, unacceptable souls living there will make everything for this.

But we believe in you, good luck
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Madly labyrinth

  • Kharkov, st. Malaya Panasovskaya 1a
  • +38 (093) 567-97-29
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