Silent hill

60 min.
Game description
A resident of the Silent Hill orphanage wrote a letter to UNICEF. In which she complains about the attitude of the educators towards her. It would seem why UNICEF should report this. However, a city with this name does not exist in any country in the world.

After a thorough search, the team managed to find some information about the ghost town of Silent Hill, which was badly damaged by an earthquake in the late 1960s.

Together with your colleagues, you go to the place and find an abandoned orphanage.
It remains only to go inside and make sure that it is empty ...

But can you cross the threshold and answer all the questions that tormented you.
After all, there is only DARKNESS ahead !!!
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Silent hill

  • Dnepr, 14 Korolenko str
  • +38 (067) 570-07-33
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