Harry Potter: Travel to Neverland

75 min.
classic escape
Game description
A millennium after the founding of the school of magic, an irreparable transition portal happened on platform 9 3/4 began to work unilaterally and sends everyone passing through it to Neverland. Everyone who left the magical world could no longer return, and the wizards' magic wands disappeared during the transition. So gradually, all living inhabitants left the magical world, and it became completely different - it was empty, faded and could collapse.

And only an ordinary person is able to carry a magic wand upon transition.

You have the opportunity to return to the old days of Hogwarts to receive the title of Wizard, for this you need to find and deliver the magic wand to Albus Dumbledore, who is also located in Neverland.

Now the fate of the whole magical world is only in your hands. Do you have time to go to the end to save the magical world. Hurry up, there’s not much time left.
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Harry Potter: Travel to Neverland

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