Mystery Hotel

60 min.
slight fright
Game description
Welcome to the Heart of Bear Hotel!

There are so many tangled legends and stories about what happened in the walls of our hotel. Much fiction, but a lot of truth in what people say.

All the rumors are different in content, but all terrible and urge to run away from this place as far as possible. However, can you get past this old hotel? He attracts with its mysticism. Do not you want to know the real history of the hotel and meet with ghosts living in it?

We are waiting for you!

* the room is available for games, both in adult and children's format. Please inform the administrator about the age of the participants when confirming the booking of the session.

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Mystery Hotel

  • Lviv, 6 Konuskogo str
  • +38 (098) 400-93-90
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