60 min.
Game description
After the first "feeding", he began to wake up every 27 years, remaining conscious for a year. While awake, he chased victims, mocking them, turning into what people most feared. He fed on any person, but the children succumbed to fears more easily, so he ended up staying on the youthful diet.

But after his defeat, he escaped ... No one saw him for 5 years and then suddenly the disappearance of children and adults began, he became stronger and feeds on the fear of everyone!

Your task is to find and expel him from our world and stay alive. And remember your guards make him stronger.

!!!! The level of difficulty without contact is included in the cost.
Increased contact +200 UAH
Hard level (no one knows what can happen to you) +300 UAH


  • Kyiv, 3 Pankovska str
  • +38 (096) 931-45-66
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