Escape Quest

In case of any questions -

21 Butyshev alley

Rooms: Jack the Gambler
tel: 0952716530


69, Dzherelna Str.
Rooms: VaBank, Mystery of Moriarty, The Da Vinci Code
tel.: 098 277 66 80

12, Lepkogo Str.

Rooms: Beautiful Mind, Hangover, The Exorcist
tel.: 0986088012

6 Konyskogo Str.
Rooms: Legends of Lviv: Escape from Brygidki, Legends of Lviv: Witch Sarah, Legends of Lviv: Agent 032
tel.: 06681728550680676296

25 Kleparovska Str.
Rooms: Duel, Game of Thrones, Duel: Kids
tel.: 09399840760680045418

1 Rymlyanyna Str.
Rooms: Hannibal, The Simpsons, Pirates of the Caribbean, 50 Shades, Spy Games, Black & White
tel.: 0673202067

7V Stavova Str.

Rooms: Legends of Lviv: Escape frim the Lviv Psychiatric Hospital, Legends of Lviv: The Mystery of the Lviv Circus, Legends of Lviv:In Polish Plates
tel.: 0506112943, 0966381674



55A, Novgorodska Str.
Rooms: Adrenain on credir, Mystery Molfar, Jack the Ripper
tel.: 096 005 02 60



4 Vladimir Monomakh (Moskovska) Str.
Rooms: Heart of Dracula, Escape from Alcatraz, Orient Express, Mission Impossible
tel.: 098 723 03 27

Rooms: Police Dept., Illegal Casino
Комнаты: The Witch's Haunt, Sherlock, Prison Break
моб.: +502 2336 5584


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